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He asked me about my mood on the way to the airport, said I had seemed down. I replied that I had been tired and in a bad mood because of all the joking about the suitcases and left it at that.

U. G. Krishnamurti

This morning U. He is being very nice to me now and I feel a re-establishment of ease.

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I have no ideas or expectations, I am here with him and it is what I want. Being Sunday, the shops were only open a few hours. I bought some tomatoes, potatoes, cheese and a few other things from the corner market and now we are all settled. Rahu in the star of Sun is in the 10th house.

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Mars in the star of Mercury is placed in the 11th house. Venus in the star of Mercury is in the 11th house. Saturn in the star of Saturn is in the 1st house. Ketu in the star of Saturn is in the 1st house.

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Mercury in the star of Moon is placed in the 8th house. Moon in the star of Moon is placed in the 8th house. Jupiter in the star of Ketu is in the 5th house.

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Six out of the nine planets are strongly connected to beneficial houses, indicating a very strong potential for overall success and prosperity. Ascendant sub lord Saturn is placed in ascendant in its own star. Ascendant indicates the efforts one makes.

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Slow moving Saturn represents steadfast and solid progress. The 8th house, however from Worldly point of view, brings in unexpected pressures and hindrances. This man was built for spiritual and ideological rebellion. Saturn in Leo He had a marked personal magnetism.

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As for the Saturn in Leo, he pursued most of his ideas with a grim determination, and didn't care much for material possessions. He burned through most of his ego. He was often very, very direct and blunt in conversation, but incredibly incisive.

He had an absolutely fearsome intellect. In terms of his thoughts and ideas, he's probably the single most dangerous man one could ever meet. I'm sorry about that. I sort of promised you a cake and all you got were crumbs. I have an academic background in Indian philosophy, so when these kinds of ideas pop up I can usually identify them, get comfortable with them because I can relate them to the overall context in which they came about, and discuss them without feeling shocked or that they're somehow inimical to my being.??

Krishnamurti, U.G.

At the same time, though. I don't want to just "post and run. This doesn't mean that any of this stuff is "beyond" you. All it means is that I may feel I need to "over-explain", even when I might not really need to.


All of the socialization that your personality has undergone over the years needs to be eradicated. All your ideas of "growth", "progress", and "free will" are fundamentally alien to your true nature, and only serve to lead you astray. And what I'm doing here is grossly oversimplifying his thought.